Standing Committees


This Committee is responsible for AMCP member enrollment and service, including the processing and evaluation of membership applications, updating membership database, overseeing the collection of membership dues and periodic publication of the updated AMCP Membership Directory.

Major Event Planning

This Committee is responsible for planning and organizing all AMCP major events, including the annual AMCP meeting and retreat in June, the Holiday Party, professional seminars and quarterly Medical Forums as well as other community service events. It is also responsible for promptly sending out announcements and notices of all major events.

Public Education

This Committee is responsible for planning and organizing public education seminars to promote healthy life-style, disease prevention and early recognition of symptoms and signs of medical conditions that warrant professional attention.

Public Relations

This Committee is responsible for interacting with the community including the local Chinese community, local and state governments, health organizations, biomedical companies and the media to promote the AMCP’s missions and raise funding to support the missions. It also strives to promote the exchange and interaction of medical professionals between US and China.

Strategic Development

The Committee is responsible for developing short-term and long-term strategies for AMCP. It works under the auspice of and reports directly to the Board of Directors.

Information Technology

The Committee is responsible for providing information solutions and ensuring that the AMCP's information assets, operations, and policy are aligned with its strategic business objectives.

Clinical Practice

This Committee is responsible for supervising all clinical services provided by AMCP, including the clinical operation at the volunteer clinic Minnesota Chinese Health Center (MCHC) and all other clinical activities such as providing vaccination to needed population and free medical counseling outside MCHC.

Board Directors


The AMCP Board of Directors will serve as the Executive Committee whose duties are to plan and direct the work necessary to carry out the programs and policies adopted by the General Membership.


The Board of Directors governs the AMCP in manners that are consistent with the AMCP Bylaws, State and local government rules and guidelines, as well US laws. The Board of Directors shall have and may exercise additional authority specifically conferred by the general members of the AMCP. All decisions made at the Executive Committee Meetings (except for routine administrative matters) are subject to ratification by the general members at the next annual meeting.

Board Membership

The membership of Board of Directors includes all elected officers and appointed Chairs: the immediate president, the president, the vice presidents, the secretary, the treasurer, the membership director, and MCHC center directors.


Each elected officer or member, including the President, shall have one vote. Vote can be performed at a meeting (voting by proxy is not allowed) or electronically.


The Board of Directors shall meet at least two times in each calendar year either by tele conference or regular meeting. Any meetings of the Board of Directors are open to the General Members. The Board of Directors may hold Special Meetings as it deems necessary with proper notice to the Board of Directors Members.

Special Meetings

A special meeting of the Board of Directors may be called by the President or by a request of at least three members of the Board of Directors.


A majority of the members of Board of Directors shall constitute a quorum for all Board of Directors Meetings.