MCHC Office Visit


Each office visit to a physician 每科就诊一次: $20

Each acupuncture session 针灸一次: $20

MCHC charges a nominal fee to cover the administrative cost for operating the clinic, including office and clinic supplies. This fee can be waived for patients who truly do not have the means to pay. The volunteer physicians provide free medical services without any charge.

1. A patient may be seen by more than one physician for different medical services during the same visit. A separate charge will occur with each service. For example, a patient sees a primary care physician first and then sees a TCMD, two separate charges of $20 will occur with a total charge of $40. 病人可以在同一天看不同科的医生。但每看一科都要挂号并付挂号费20美元。例如,病人看了普科后,又在同一天看了中医,病人就得付两个挂号费共40 美元。

2. A patient may have an initial office visit with a TCMD and have acupuncture treatment on the same day. Two separate charges of $20 will occur, one for the office visit and one for the acupuncture service. However, for follow-up acupuncture treatment of the same medical problem, a patient needs to pay only the $20 acupuncture service. 如果病人初诊看中医,诊断后在同一天得到针灸治疗,病人就得付挂号费和针灸治疗费共40美元。但同一疾病的随访针灸治疗,病人只需付针灸治疗费20 美元。