The Director Message of Minnesota Chinese Health Center (MCHC)

The Minnesota Chinese Health Center (MCHC) was founded in October, 2004. MCHC is the first Chinese volunteer clinic in the Twin Cities area. Staffed by volunteer physicians licensed in western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine, MCHC provides free medical services to uninsured or underserved patients. Our patients are mostly from the Chinese immigrant community, many of whom have limited medical access due to language and financial barriers. However, MCHC is open to all communities and has served non-Chinese American, Southeast Asian, East Indian and Russian patients as well.

MCHC is open every other Saturday afternoon. Each session is staffed by one traditional Chinese medicine physician and at least one Western medicine physician. The physicians provide services not only in primary care such as Internal Medicine, Family Practice and Pediatrics but also other specialties such as General Surgery, Dentistry, Allergy, Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Thoracic Surgery, Vascular Surgery, Neurology, Urology, ENT Audiology and Radiation Oncology. MCHC offers many other important health and medical services, such as public health education seminars, free screening programs for hypertension and diabetes, free influenza vaccination and public health counseling sessions. We try to educate people to recognize early signs and symptoms of disease and provide medical care when they need it.

I am honored to serve as the new Medical Director of MCHC. My role is to carry on the mission of MCHC of promoting general health awareness in our community, particularly the importance of preventive care and a healthy lifestyle. In this, I know that I have the support of many community organizations that believe in the MCHC mission and have the tradition of "giving back to the community". I would like to express my sincere appreciation of all the volunteers - individuals and organizations - that have selflessly assisted in furthering the mission of MCHC. In particular, I want to thank our regular volunteer receptionists, especially Mrs. Xia Li and our Administrative Director Jenny Xia. Our clinic will not run smoothly without their effort.

Peiyi Wang, MD

Medical Director, MCHC

March 28, 2012